Weed Burgers Recipe

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Summer is here and that means one thing is for sure. It’s officially time to fire up that grill in your backyard, invite some friends over, and grill up a batch of these fantastic weed burgers.

Let’s face it, we all love burgers. But if we’re honest with ourselves, deep down in our soul, we know that the average burger is missing something. We can throw all of the herbs and spices at them, but there’s always one herb we’re missing. You won’t want to miss out on creating your own cannabis burger, and we’re here to show you how to achieve the burger of your dreams!

Get the full recipe:

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One thought on “Weed Burgers Recipe

  1. The burger patty should never go straight on the bun without a little bit of lettuce or something else under it. That way the bun doesn’t get all wet/soggy from the patty grease and won’t fall apart as you’re eating it.

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