POTENT Weed Butter Recipe | IHavetheMunchies

Over the years many have asked how I make my butter so strong. Well stay tuned and find out! *DISCLAIMER* I take no responsibility for what you do, so be smart! Furthermore, this is not an official "how to" video, as I'm sure this isn't THE absolute best way to do it (as

How To Make Cannabis Honey | Chef Blaine Alexandr Recipes

Chef Blaine Alexandr of My 420 Tours shows us how to create marijuana honey using the tincture Phoenix Tears. This weed infusion is a staple for any pantry, allowing you to easily and quickly medicate with precise dosing by sweetening any meal with a touch of honey! Check out the full

How to Decarboxylate Cannabis | Chef Melissa Parks

Sign up for the Herb app - In this video, chef and edibles expert Melissa Parks explains how to decarboxylate your cannabis before cooking with it. "Decarbing" cannabis releases the full psychoactive effect. The full recipe is at DON'T BE LEFT IN THE.. UM.. SMOKE. JOIN US! Subscribe for more HERB! For

How To Make Cannabis-Infused Grilled Peach Cobbler | Herb Recipes

There’s nothing quite like a helping of warm, gooey grilled peach cobbler topped with some creamy vanilla ice cream. This classic Southern dessert reminds us of our grandmothers cooking in the kitchen, using the freshest local produce around – often times from their very own peach trees or blackberry briars.

How To Make Cannabis Infused Limoncello | HERB Recipe Videos

Here's an easy recipe for a cannabis infused limoncello cocktail drink. Click 'SHOW MORE' for recipe instructions. Prep time: 5 minutes Cycle time: 1 hour Serving size: 2-3 fluid ounces Yield: about 5 cups COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS: - 3β…• cups 151 or 190 proof grain alcohol such as Everclear - 2Β½ cups sugar - 2 cups fresh lemon juice

How To Make Cannabis Infused Spinach & Pea Soup | HERB Recipe Videos

Here's a simple and easy spinach and pea soup with a little special added ingredient. Click on 'SHOW MORE' for recipe ingredients and cooking instructions. Prep time: about 30 minutes Cook time: 1 hour Serving size: 1 bowl Yield: about 16 bowls Recipe Ingredients Soup - 5 teaspoons Magical Olive Oil - 1 pound frozen

How To Make Cannabis Infused Super Shrimp Stir Fry | HERB Recipe Video

Here's a recipe to make cannabis-infused super shrimp stir fry using Magical Butter. Click 'SHOW MORE' for recipe ingredients & cooking instructions. - Prep time: 10 minutes - Cook time: 1ΒΌ hours - Serving size: about Β½ cups - Yield: about 10 servings Recipe ingredients For he sauce: ● Β½ cup MagicalButter ●

How To Make Cannabis Infused Lemon Bars | HERB RECIPE VIDEO

Here's an easy to make Magical Butter recipe for Cannabis Infused Lemon Bars. Click on 'SHOW MORE' for recipe ingredients and instructions. Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 55 minutes Serving size 1 bar Yield: 48 servings Ingredients Crust ● 1 cup MagicalButter, softened ● 2 cups all-purpose flour ● Β½ cup white sugar Lemon topping


Welcome to HERB's D-I-HIGH video series. Today's video addresses the insatiable appetite for pot brownies. Weed Brownies are an edible classic and this video shows you how to make delicious, cannabis-infused brownies that will delight the taste buds and soothe the mind. Full recipe here DON'T BE LEFT IN THE.. UM..

How To Make Blackout Cannabis Brownies

Learn to bake the blackest of the black cannabis brownies. CLICK 'SHOW MORE' FORE RECIPE INGREDIENDS+BAKING INSTRUCTIONS Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: about 10 minutes Serving size: 4 ounces Yield: about 8 servings Ingredients ● 1 cup MagicalButter, melted ● 4 eggs ● 3 cups organic cane sugar ● 1Β½ cups organic all-purpose flour ● 1 cup semisweet chocolate