SensibleVancouver: Sensible Cannabis Strategy

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I’m the SensibleVancouver candidate for Vancouver City Council in the civic By-Election on October 14th! Watch this video for my opinions on the state of the burgeoning cannabis industry in Vancouver, especially considering the upcoming federal legislation being drafted in Ottawa for the legalization of cannabis in 2018. If you want to see an informed and unbiased voice forming policy around cannabis in Canada’s most experienced marketplace, then vote for Mary Jean “Watermelon” Dunsdon for City Councillor on October 14th!

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2 thoughts on “SensibleVancouver: Sensible Cannabis Strategy

  1. Nope. Stopping the genocide of a race that built everything who is 8% of the worlds population and only 2% of the women are of child bearing age is more of a priority than pot.

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