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Over the years many have asked how I make my butter so strong. Well stay tuned and find out!


I take no responsibility for what you do, so be smart!
Furthermore, this is not an official “how to” video, as I’m sure this isn’t THE absolute best way to do it (as any keyboard warrior out there would probably be happy to let me know). This is merely how I’ve been doing it for some time, and those that have tried it have all wanted more.

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1 ounce dry marijuana (28 grams) – personally I use good end of bag material, but it would certainly be better with AAAA+ nugs gently busted down to a small mostly uniform size

1 cup butter (250 millilitres) – adjust according to however much extra you think you will need to achieve 1 cup after straining

1 baking pan

aluminum foil

pot + bowl that safely fit together to form double boiler



second bowl for straining

storage vessel(optional)


Ratio: 1 ounce dry marijuana (28 grams): 1 cup butter (237 millilitres)

If you prefer not to use butter, you can use coconut oil or whichever your fat of choice just the same.

Preheat oven to 240F (115.5C)

Sprinkle weed on aluminum foil lined baking pan into a single layer

Bake weed at 240F for around 30 minutes and AVOID peeking! Every time the door opens the oven loses temperature and you risk ruining your batch 🙁 So unless your oven runs hot, wait 25 minutes before even inspecting – and even still, keep it to a minimum. You’re looking for a very slight browning like when you dry and activate your fresh kitchen spices. Don’t overdo it!

While the weed is in the oven – get your double boiler set up and boiling so the butter is melted and ready to accept the freshly decarboxylated weed.

Once the weed has finished in the oven (decarboxylating), add it to your melted butter and give it a stir.

Now for the hardest part: WAIT

For the next 3 or more hours you must monitor both the water level in the pot you’re boiling, whilst periodically giving the weed/butter mixture a good stir.

Sidenote – the longer you let it go, the butter may become more potent but the more sleepy you’ll make anyone that tries them. This is due to the cbd breaking down into cbn. I’ve heard of people going as long as 12 hours. Personally I try to avoid this. Let experience be your guide.

Once you’re content that the mixture has stewed long enough, remove your top bowl containing the weed butter from the heat and let it cool for a minute or two.

Take some cheesecloth and lay it down as shown at about 45 degrees from each layer (not completely unfolded – just enough to catch the weed), this will help make sure the holes aren’t too large or also weak when squeezing the living hell out of it. A puncture or blowout in the cheesecloth at this point is not fun. So as much as you don’t want to lose more of the precious juice to more cloth, use as much as necessary so as to only do it once.

Squeeze. Smush. Twist. Squeeze some more. Once satisfied, throw your masterpiece in the fridge and start cleaning up!


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Happy Munchin!

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13 thoughts on “POTENT Weed Butter Recipe | IHavetheMunchies

  1. Thanks to this awesome vid I used 1/2 oz of Unicorn Horn decarbed it and now its steeping/simmering on my stove for the next few hours. Planning on making a lightning batch of cookies. Thanks for the help and awesome cat.

    1. +ihavethemunchies Cookies turned out amazing! we added Butterscotch chips to balance out the bud-ie taste and we got nuked off two cookies thanks again. You’re awesome same with that cat of yours hes hilarious.

    2. So glad I could help! He is awesome.. A pain sometimes but amazing none the less. Thanks for your support 👊🏻💜🤗

    1. I would just to be safe, but there’s a possibility your bud may already be past its prime or already been vaped which means there may not be much left to get from it. I hope it works out for you though! Best of luck! 🤞😉

    1. I don’t see why not… There’s more than enough fat molecules for the THC to bind to. I say give ‘er! Fasten your seat belt though, cuz I bet it’ll be one hell of a ride 😉. Let me know how it goes! I’ve wanted to try this myself, so I’m actually excited to know. Thanks for commenting!

    1. It certainly will work! Don’t you worry! Instead of using 1 oz of bud and 1 cup of butter, just use a half cup of butter to match your half oz of bud. The end potency will remain the same, you’ll just end up with half the product. Other than that the process is the very same. 👍🤗

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