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7 thoughts on “marijuana recipes nutella crackers, aka firecracker

  1. just some tips for people doing this its best to wrap the crackers in tin
    foil and also my first time i did about .9 between 3 crackers…. i did not
    like the high for my first time it was too much even though im a heavy
    smoker so be sure to use .5 for first time as a max, also peanut butter
    need to be very high in fat some i have tryed didnt work… if you can get
    hold of almond butter this should work great also if you have any peanut
    butters that have a huge puddle of oil on the top will be fantastic for
    this and also using peanut butter doesnt mask the taste as much i had to
    force them down but nutella covers the taste better still not that good
    tasting but it wasnt quite like i had to force them down… also any kief,
    hash anything with thc in will work for this

  2. I have a tiiiiny sprinkling of weed left so I’m gonna try this tomorrow. I
    hope it’s enough to have an effect. :

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