MagicalButter Base Recipe – How to Make Tincture

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Alcohol tinctures are one of the most common ways to medicate with cannabis. They’re fast acting, efficient at being absorbed into your system, and they make it easy to control your dosage.

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16 thoughts on “MagicalButter Base Recipe – How to Make Tincture

    1. They shouldn’t when made correctly! You’ll end up evaporating off all the alcohol in the process of making FECO for the gummy recipe.

  1. Would you recommend me soaking my decarb weed with everclear before using the magical butter machine? Thanks

    1. thanks!! After reading around to be honest it just seems to me they shouldn’t even have put a four hour button, 8 hours just sounds way better to me every time too but would it be okay to set at 160 rather then 130 degree?

    2. The machine has a 5 cup max for liquids! That’s a great amount for a nice infusion. As for time, you can do either the 4 or 8. The longer cycle will give you a stronger infusion!

    3. thanks I plan to do 1 and half ounce of decarb weed and 6 cups of ever clear do you think that that would be enough to then use the 8 hour button or keep at 4 hour tincture button?? Thanks again

  2. I’m from rural Maine with no real liquor stores around. Both grocery stores and a convience store sell liquor but no everclear. Could you tell me what else I can use instead?

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