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8 thoughts on “How To Make Paper Beads Arts & Crafts Tutorial

  1. Ohhhh Astar, PLEASE don’t try to be more professional !! I LOVE you JUST as
    you are!! You are so naturally BEAUTIFUL and full of life !! full of
    inspiration !! love love love you!!! LOVE watching your videos!! mwah hugs
    and kisses Eve xxxoxxx
    one thing?? i am having my daughters first baby shower and i am hopeless 🙁
    ANY ideas ?? I was thinking candly bar theme with flowers ?? love the teddy
    bear frame idea to put on table plus your jar flower arrangements apart
    from that ??? i am still searching thank you so much for being YOU!!! LOVE
    YOU SO MUCH !! keep up the wonderful work your doing xxx

    1. Hello Sri – it’s called zing embossing powder – you will see under the
      video there is a link to Amazon where you can buy it! Love Astar xx

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