How to Make Natural Cannabis CBD Body Butter/Balm (Free Recipe, Step By Step DIY)

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Now you can make it too. How to make it yourself for personal use or to sell in your line. I show you exactly how to make it and where to buy your ingredients. I am selling the CBD crystals on my website and the balm. We have tested this now and it works awesome. My moms legs night crams are a things of the past, my back pain form hard work is gone with just a bit rubbed on the spot of pain. Arthritis pain kicked in the ass lol. Now you will love me for ever as i help you bring this product into live in your home kitchen BUT YOU CAN BUY IT FROM ME ALSO ON MY WEBSITE.
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8 thoughts on “How to Make Natural Cannabis CBD Body Butter/Balm (Free Recipe, Step By Step DIY)

    1. I will buy your recipe at some point. But I’m so scared of the haters on the internet & I really care too much about what other people say if I put my craft on YouTube & if someone doesn’t like my videos, is going to kill me. I watch you so much so I can have your bravery, kindness & love x

  1. Kim, I’m just dying of sciatic pain from something I did to my back last Friday morning. I was posting my comment to thank u for your video as my hubby walked thru the door w similar balm from the local pot shop. It’s legal here in wa state. This one contains thc, tho. Omg, I hope I don’t get loopy(er) than I am already. Would topical cause me to test positive? Thanks, Kim!!

  2. Great video. Very interested in trying out this recipe. Hard pressed to fig out who wouldn’t want a jar of this in their arsenal. Thanks so much for sharing!

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