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Learn how to make Cannabis Infused Cereal Treats with this easy to follow recipe! You can use your favorite cereal or go the traditional route with Rice Crispies, this recipe will work with whatever you’d like.

Keep in mind, we tend to make our medibles a little stronger than most would. You may want to make something a little less potent if you’re not a heavy Cannabis user.

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27 thoughts on “How to make Cannabis Infused Cereal Treats – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. Hey Trey, Im looking to make these I’m using an 8th for my cannabutter
    using a recipe I saw on another YouTube channel would a stick of butter be
    too much and would it ruin the potency of the weed?

    1. +TWGaming it would ruin the potency of the cannabis but it would effect the
      consistency of the marshmallow butter combination and how the treats set
      up. But good luck thanks for watching!

    1. +SENNYWAVEKID The Youtuber oh by the way, it’s Rob commenting but on the
      company account instead of my own ✌

    2. +SENNYWAVEKID The Youtuber I light some scented candles or incense most of
      the time, it covers the odor pretty good

    3. +SENNYWAVEKID The Youtuber I’ve gotten a slight odor when cooking with
      Cannabutter on the stove. I believe Trey did as well, but I wasn’t there
      for this episode

    1. +Steven Blackford check out the Releaf app, you might find it useful for
      monitoring what works best for you.

    2. +Steven Blackford I smoke/vape A LOT, and have been steadily since I was 13
      with the exception of a few months in juvi. So it’s hard for me to give you
      a solid answer to be honest. Just experiment with it, but don’t go hard to

    3. +Steven Blackford alright well I suggest you start small, don’t treat it
      like a snack and start chowing down. Sit back and chill, don’t analyze it
      too much but take a mental note of how you feel as you go to kind of work
      out a measurement of your tolerance

    4. +Steven Blackford it depends on your tolerance and your weight to be
      honest. For example, I use about 4 grams of Cannabis per day, I weigh about
      190lbs and I usually can eat 2 cereal treats this size to get a good buzz.
      So just take that into consideration, start small and see how it works for
      Thanks for watching!


  2. hello lifestyle. I was just thinking about this channel and that you said
    you were in the process of editing a video

    1. Hey dude, glad to hear from ya. I remember, weren’t you asking about when
      we drop our next medible video?

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