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8 thoughts on “Gramola Recipe

  1. I just came across this channel, and have watched Several episodes… I
    Absolutely appreciate and Love what you are doing. Thank You

  2. Before you converted More, what did you do? Was it with butter or
    something, etc? So how do you make it into bars?

    1. She started with her shake already decarboxylated from previously before.
      You can turn them into bars using any sticky substance. Agave nectar,
      honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, even peanut butter, perhaps even some
      peanut budder, yeah? Enjoy!

  3. Oh goodness such fun and such a cute way of packaging innovative:) will be
    a festive holiday treat and for those always on the go, thanks kindly, day
    1 learning optimal natural health ways.I will find a way to make hemp happy
    veggy burgers, for substitutes vegans,vegetarians, a top notch show.:)

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