Everything you need to know about cooking with cannabis!

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Happy 1 year anniversary to Life Above the Clouds! Here are the tips and tricks that I’ve learned in 1 year of making cannabis cooking videos, and everything you need to know to make successful cannabis recipes at home! See the written tips and tricks at

How to decarboxylate your cannabis
My favorite way to make cannabis butter or oil

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Life Above the Clouds is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Be advised that possessing and consuming cannabis is not sanctioned by US federal law.

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12 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about cooking with cannabis!

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  2. Happy 1 year anniversary. U definitely deserve more subscribers and views.
    Your videos are edited well and u always seem happy and smily.

  3. Nice video I was waiting for you to talk about infusion, in other words when I make lollipops or hard candy using canna butter the oil floats to the top and I don’t know how to get it to mix thoroughly without overheating the canna butter. Is there something that I’m missing or doing wrong, do I need to add something else so that it would infuse with my candy thanks.

    1. This is a great question and definitely an issue because oil and water will never completely mix. I talk about it in my cbd gummies video but the best thing to do is wait until the candy mixture cools and thickens a little before mixing one last time and pouring into your mold. The thicker texture will help the oil stay emulsified in the mixture.

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