Easy Recipe For Pot Brownies 4-20-2018

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Here is an easy recipe for pot brownies.

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If you’re new to baking with herbs, start off baking with a small amount of herb. And only eat small pieces until you learn what measurement of herb is best for your body.

This video is merely suggestions. How much you use is up to you.
Happy 420.

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6 thoughts on “Easy Recipe For Pot Brownies 4-20-2018

  1. other YouTube videos suggest first simmering the herb in the oil. Your approach suggests finely grated herbs go directly in the brownie mix…hmmmm…..I’m confused as to which approach is better. Don”t you taste the dry herb if not already simmered in oil?

    1. Mort Esan try it both ways. Fat is the β€œactivation β€œ for the thc, and oil is in the brownies… sooooo….
      Dude., I like the taste so… I’m gonna take the easy method.

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