Cooking with Marijuana: Gummy Bears

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This is one more in our series of cooking with cannabis videos. We used a recipe from Cannabis Now Magazine. Check out the results!

The image is from High Times magazine.

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10 thoughts on “Cooking with Marijuana: Gummy Bears

  1. Check out how we made some Mary Roca (Kief infused Almond Roca) at home
    with just a few ingredients!!!


  2. thanks for the post. a lot of people will make the same mistake. The
    authors should be watching your video.I think 5 drops of pure food grade
    glycerine would incorporate the ingredients. Eliminate the orange juice.
    Just a thought.

    1. You may be right and we appreciate the suggestions and comments. Hopefully
      I will get to try this out again soon.

  3. the separation you experienced is just air bubbles. if you use a squeeze
    bottle to distribute the gummy liquid you won’t get those bubbles.

  4. Lecithin found in most grocery stores or cvs/walgreens makes water&oil
    uniform. It could help the separation.

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