Complete Indoor Grow Tent Setup (Under $1000!)

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Thinking about setting up a grow tent for your Cannabis plants? In this video Rob and Trey break down their grow tent setup and share some tips for getting the best options possible.

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——- A few items Rob mentions ——-
Grow tent:

Inline fan + carbon filter kit:

Clip fans:

Humboldts Secret Golden Tree:

Base nutrients:

This video covers everything you need for growing Cannabis indoors:

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12 thoughts on “Complete Indoor Grow Tent Setup (Under $1000!)

    1. Personally, I like growing photos over autos but the quicker growth cycle might be more ideal for someone wanting to get through the process the first time around without worrying much about flowering times

  1. I live in AZ i have a Mj card but they wont let me grow. They will hopefully pass a rec+21 Cannabis in 2020 we can grow 6 plants a person.Crossing my fingers .I miss growing my own weed in OREGON! I need a tent to grow for me and a fam member .

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