Cannabutter Peanutbutter

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I am a medical Marijuana User and my husband is my licensed grower..OH wait!! That no longer MATTERS in Canada because we are LEGAL! But STILL for my friends outside of Canada..this is for those folks legally allowed to partake,,ESPECIALLY if it is for medical reasons! We DO not advocate the use of Marijuana in People under the age of 19 unless it is prescribed by a physician!

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8 thoughts on “Cannabutter Peanutbutter

  1. Hey Bev a little tip try a little lecithin it’s an emulsifier to combine oil and water. I use it in my gummies and whenever I make any edibles even when making canna oil or butter.

    1. If it’s soy lecithin you might shouldn’t if you’re a women dealing with cancer; the estrogen thing and all

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