Cannabis Tincture Lollipops Recipe: Infused Eats #62

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Enjoy this simply psychoactive Cannabis Infused Lollipops Recipe today on Infused Eats #62. Save money with the code RUFFHOUSE at:
Lollipop Molds (2 packs for this recipe):

Full recipe:

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11 thoughts on “Cannabis Tincture Lollipops Recipe: Infused Eats #62

  1. Always enjoy your videos Matt. You’ve definitely broadened my knowledge when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Thank you very much.

    1. Same process. Pour out long strips and cut them to size or find small candy molds. Remember to add sour flavoring for that tangy taste.

  2. If I decide to use cannabis oil do I have to use lecithin or vegetable glycerin I ask you because I’ve heard that anytime You use oil you have to use the glycerin or the lecithin or should I just stick with the alcohol Tincher. Thanks

    1. Jimmy Turner why she got like cancer or something well If she does hope she gets better 🙏

  3. Really nice really nice, hey what’s up I have a question, I made a weed tinture with glycerin, how high would I get if I putted up my ass? 🤔 Legitimate question I am curious about

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