Cannabis Infused S’mores: Infused Eats #61

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Fire it up with Cannabis Infused S’mores today on Infused Eats Episode #61. Save money with the code RUFFHOUSE at:

Full recipe:

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9 thoughts on “Cannabis Infused S’mores: Infused Eats #61

  1. I have one problem with this. I understand not wanting to tell people how they should consume. However… you did give a recipe. You must have some idea as to what a Starting dose (10 mg) might be. In making my personal edibles I’ve found out the had way how important it is to know the proper volume per dose for me.

    1. Seems to me that’s about it. You find out by eating a bit, then finding out. LOL. My very first edible I was tore up. Just make sure you aren’t too high off the ground and don’t have to drive for a while.

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